Firenze 2010

9th CMAS Underwater Rugby European Champioship – 24/29 May 2010

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Monday official timetable

Posted by firenze2010 on 17/05/2010

Here is the official timetable for Monday:

1. Team training – 14:00/19:00, as indicated in the following table. It must be noticed that 2 playing areas of the same dimension will be mounted inside the swiiming pool, in order to allow 2 teams to train at the same time.
– 14:00/15:00 Germany M, Germany F
– 15:00/16:00 Switzerland M, Austria M
– 16:00/17:00 Czech Republic M, Denmark M
– 17:00/18:00 Norway M, Norway F
– 18:00/19:00 Italy M, Italy F

2. Team leader meeting – 17:30/18:30 (Location: Piscina Costoli)
3. Referee meeting and dinner – 19:00/21:00 (Location: Hotel Meridiana)
4. Commision meeting – 21:00/23:00 (Location: Hotel Meridiana)


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