Firenze 2010

9th CMAS Underwater Rugby European Champioship – 24/29 May 2010

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The end: Germany wins!

Posted by firenze2010 on 30/05/2010


Both the male and female teams of Germany won the EC against Norway (2-0 and 2-1, respectively).
Final classification:

Male Tournament
1. Germany
2. Norway
3. Czech Republic

4. Denmark
5. Italy
6. Austria
7. Switzerland

Female Tournament
1. Germany
2. Norway
3. Italy

We are so sorry for the lack of updates during the Championship: the wi-fi connection of the swimming pool area went down each five minutes. Now that the games are over we’ll update the blog with more details, pictures and videos.


One Response to “The end: Germany wins!”

  1. anonymous said

    More pictures and videos would be nice.

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