Firenze 2010

9th CMAS Underwater Rugby European Champioship – 24/29 May 2010

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Round Robin

Game 1 CZECH REPUBLIC – AUSTRIA 5-1 (3-0)    [1st half] [2nd half]
Hron (CZ), Havranek (CZ), Soukup (CZ), Havranek (CZ), Tanzmann (A), Drulak(CZ)
Game 2 GERMANY – ITALY 11-0 (6-0)    [1st half] [2nd half]
Dresely (G) 2, Tadda(G) 2, Heckrath (G), Weissenberger (G),  Schottmueller  J. (G) 3, Pahl (G), Schottmueller M. (G)
Game 3 NORWAY – SWITZERLAND 25-0 (13-0)    [1st half] [2nd half]
Holm (N), Bjoernerem (N) 5, Skarhoim (N) 3, Pettersen B. (N) 4, Pettersen A. (N) 3, Staalvang (N), Ulvestad (N) 3, Bunaes (N), Loevvold (N) 2, Lillevik (N), Lissand (N)
Game 4 DENMARK – AUSTRIA 2-1 (0-1)    [1st half] [2nd half]
Wanko Ri. (A), Schafer (D), Andersen (D)
Game 5 NORWAY – ITALY 12-0 (2-0)    [1st half] [2nd half]
Pettersen B. (N) 4, Lillevik (N), Bjvernenem (N) 3, Edwardsen (N), Ulvestad (N), Nyhus (N) 2
Game 6 DENMARK – CZECH REPUBLIC 2-1 (1-1)    [1st half] [2nd half] not available at the moment
Zak (CZ), Greve (D), Poulsen (D)
Game 7 DENMARK -ITALY 4-0 (3-0)    [1st half] [2nd half]
Overgaard (D), Lauritzen (D), Schaefer (D) 2

Game 8 GERMANY- SWITZERLAND  26-0 (16-0)   [1st half] [2nd half]
Weissenberger (G) 4, Pahl (G) 5, Dingel (G) 5, Gandlau (G) 3, Heckrath (G), Tadda (G), Schottmueller M. (G),  Schottmueller J. (G) 2, Burr (G), Dresely (G), Walcher (G) 2
Game 9 NORWAY – CZECH REPUBLIC 14-0 (7-0)    [1st half] [2nd half]
Bjoernerem (N) 4, Nyhus (N) 2, Pettersen B. (N) 3, Edwardsen (N), Holm (N), Skarholm (N), Pettersen A. (N), Lillevik (N)
Game 10 DENMARK-SWITZERLAND 9-0 (4-0)    [1st half] [2nd half]
Lauritzen (D), Greve (D) 2, Hoff (D), Andersen (D) 2, Karberg (D), Skov (D), Elkjaer (D)
Game 11 GERMANY-CZECH REPUBLIC 3-0 (3-0)    [1st half]
[2nd half]
Tadda (G) 2, Gandlau (G)
Game 12 NORWAY-AUSTRIA 4-0 (3-0)
[1st half] [2nd half] not available at the moment
Nyhus (N), Pettersen B. (N) 2, Saestad (N)
Game 13 NORWAY – DENMARK 16-1 (7-1)    [1st half] [2nd half]
Pettersen B. (N) 4, Bjoernerem (N) 5, Schaefer (D),  Nyhus (N), Ulvestad (N), Loevold (N), Strand (N), Staalvang (N)
Game 14 CZECH REPUBLIC – ITALY 1-1 (0-0)    [1st half]
[2nd half]
Neri (I), Soukup (CZ)
Game 16 AUSTRIA – SWITZERLAND 4-0 (3-0)   [1st half] [2nd half]
Unterberger (A) 2, Wanko (A), Kalchgruber (A)
Game 17 GERMANY – DENMARK 10-0 (4-0)    [1st half]
[2nd half]
Pahl (G), Schottmueller J. (G), Gandlau (G) 2, Tadda (G) 2, Dingel (G), Klett (G), Rost (G), Burr (G),
Game 19 ITALY – SWITZERLAND 6-1 (3-0) [1st half] [2nd half] not available at the moment
Chiani (I), Andelora M. (I), Cavaliere (I), Andelora S. (I), Neri (I), Schurmann (S), Rossi Romanelli (I)
Game 20 GERMANY – AUSTRIA 7-0 (4-0)    [1st half] [2nd half]
Dingel (G), Gandlau (N), Tadda (G) 2, Pahl (G), Rost (G) 2, Nosseir (G)
Game 22 AUSTRIA – ITALIA 1-4 (1-2) [1st half] [2nd half]
Andelora M. (I) 2, Schneiderbauer (A), Chiani (I), Rossi Romanelli (I)
Game 23 CZECH REPUBLIC – SWITZERLAND 11-0 (6-0)    [1st half] [2nd half]
Kamis(CZ) 2, Drulak (CZ) 2, Zeman (CZ), Rys (CZ) 2, Zak (CZ), Havranek (CZ), Soukup (CZ)
Game 25 NORWAY – GERMANY 1-1 (1-0)    [1st half] [2nd half]
Bjoernerem (N), Weissenberger (G)

Round Robin Classification

1. NORWAY  16 points (gd +70)
2. GERMANY 16 points (gd +57)
3. DENMARK 12 points
4. CZECK REPUBLIC 7 points (gd -3)
5. ITALY 7 points (gd -19)
6. AUSTRIA 3 points
7. SWITZERLAND 0 points

Semifinals Game 27 (1st vs. 4th)  NORWAY – CZECH REPUBLIC 11-0 (5-0)    [1st half] [2nd half]
Edvardsen (N) 2, Nyhus (N), Bjoernerem (N) 2, Ulvestad (N) 3, Pettersen B. (N) 2, Bunaes (N)
Game 28 (3rd vs. 2nd) DENMARK – GERMANY 0-11 (0-7) [1st half] [2nd half] not available at the moment
Gandlau (G), Dingel (G), Schottmueller M. (G) 2, Pahl (G) 2, Dresely (G), Burr (G) 2, Nosseir (G), Heckrath (G)
Game 30 (6th vs. 7th) AUSTRIA – SWITZERLAND 7-2 (3-0)    [1st half] [2nd half]
Fruhwirh (A), Wanko Ra. (A) 2, Unterberger (A) 2, Schneiderbauer (A), Zurl (A), Dufour (S) 2


Game 31 (5th/6th place) ITALY – AUSTRIA 3-1 (1-1) [1st half] [2nd half] not available at the moment
Neri (I), Unterberger (A), Neri (I), Meneghin (I)
Game 32 (4th/3rd place) CZECH REPUBLIC – DENMARK 0-0 (0-0) (2-1 penalty throws) [1st half] [2nd half] not available at the moment
Hoff (D), Rys (CZ), Hron (CZ)
Game 34 (1st/2nd place) NORWAY – GERMANY 0-2 (0-1) [1st half] [2nd half]
Dingel (G), Schottmueller M. (G)


Round Robin

Game 15 NORWAY – GERMANY 0-4 (0-2)   [1st half] [2nd half]
Brendle (G), Seeber (G), Richter (G), Schlue (G)
Game 18 NORWAY – ITALY 15-0 (8-0)    [1st half]
[2nd half]
Smith (N), Hurlen (N) 4, Selsjord (N) 2, Selnes (N), Litlabo G. (N) 2, Skare (N) 3, Hille (N), Kvalheim (N)
Game 21 GERMANY – ITALY 22-0 (12-0)    [1st half]
[2nd half]
Graf (G) 2, Ringelmann (G) 2, Deitelhoff (G), Schlue (G), Schulte (G), Dorflinger (G) 3, Velhow (G) 3, Seeber (G) 2, Siegwart (G) 3, Moeling (G), Griebl (G) 2, Walcher (G)
Game 24 NORWAY – GERMANY 2-3 (0-1)    [1st half]
[2nd half]
Vehlow (G),  Hurlen (N), Deitelhoff (G), Smith (N), Walcher (G)
Game 26 GERMANY – ITALY 24-0 (14-0)    [1st half]
[2nd half]
Vehlow (G) 4, Schlue (G) 4, Dorflinger (G) 2,  Griebl (G) 3, Richter (G) 2, Deitelhoff (G) 2, Moehlig (G), Reiffenstuel (G) 2, Seeber (G), Ringelmann (G) 2, Brendle (G)
Game 29 NORWAY – ITALY 23-0 (12-0)
[1st half] [2nd half] not available at the moment
Skare (N), Doli (N), Haugland (N), Selnes (N) 3, Magnussen (N) 2, Litlabo G. 4 (N), Litlabo R. (N), Smith (N), Grimstad (N) 3, Dossland (N) 2, Hurlen (N), Skare (N), Karlsen (N), Hille (N)


Game 33  (1st/2nd place)  GERMANY – NORWAY 2-1 (0-1)    [1st half]
[2nd half]
Doesland (N), Deitelhoff (G), Seeber (G)


14 Responses to “MATCH RESULTS and VIDEO”

  1. maddin said

    Hi, the live score isn´t working…..

  2. Marius said

    Where is the live score?

  3. gabi Speck said


  4. Simone said

    Hi! I wish the Swiss underwaterrugby team “good luck”!

  5. Anders said

    Will results for today’s matches be announced on this website?
    – Anders

  6. Stefan Ringsmuth said

    Hi guys!

    Cool idea to post live scores here!
    However nobody is doing an update on this site or at least I can’t find them!

    Thanks for updating the scores!

    take it easey!

  7. anonymous said

    no update, no video!

  8. Da said

    Ciao ragazzi,
    ma ci saranno video o no? No li vedo qua… sarebbe bello, no?!?!?!

  9. Anouar from the swiss team said

    Ciao 🙂

    We had all a great time in Firenze..

    Where are the Videos?
    When will u update the site with the videos as u told us?
    Hope to be able to see and download them here soon!

    Without you will make lots of sad teams 😦

  10. Supporter said

    Italia !

    Where are the videos?


  11. anouar said

    hi guys and girls!

    Thanks for updating the vodeos..

  12. Da said

    Ancora non ci sono dei video… sarebbe bello, no!?!?! Perche non ci mettete al meno le migliori partite?!?!

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