Firenze 2010

9th CMAS Underwater Rugby European Champioship – 24/29 May 2010

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The swimming pool where Firenze 2010 Underwater Rugby European Championship will be host is Piscina Paolo Costoli that is situated in Viale Paoli, Firenze. Here is the Costoli file (in Italian) on Wikipedia.
Costoli is an open air swimming pool with two heated  pools (average temperature: 27°C): a diving swimming pool (25x18m) and an olympic swimming pool (50×25).

Playing area dimensions
Length: 18 m
Width: 12 m
Depth: 4.70 m
Exchange area: 3 m

Warm ap area 1
Length: 18 m
Width: 12 m
Depth: 4.70 m

Warm up  area 2
Lenght: 50 m
Width: 25 m
Depth: 2 m


4 Responses to “SWIMMING POOL”

  1. Lars said

    Is the goal fitted on a sloap, or a flat bottom against the wall?

    • Ciao, the goal is fitted on a really slight slope. The ball cannot pass behind the goal, of course! We’ll send some photos about it in a very few days.

  2. Magnhild Kvalheim said

    Heia Boblene og det Norske landslaget med Karen og Håkon! Må de beste vinne . Lykke te i EM
    klem fra moren på Våland

  3. Magnhild Kvalheim said

    Heia Boblene, det norske landslaget, Karen og Håkon! Må de beste vinne!
    Klem fra moren på Våland

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